Wednesday, September 22, 2010

90 Day Budget Boot Camp - Challenge #12 Update

Challenge #12
Now that you've saved money, give something away.  Make a donation from your "stash".  Now that you are saving money, was it easier to give?  Did you have more to give?  What did you give and where did you donate it?  Was it worth it?  Also discuss the overall challenge - your ups and downs, struggles, if it's helped your budget, what helped most, what you will or will not continue, and if the benefits are worth it.

I am so happy to have been a party of such a wonderful & amazing teaching challenge; just the other day I had my greatest saving moment yet.  I walked into Babies R Us & purchased a 140 count box of Pampers, 2 new silverware sets for B & some new hangers & paid ZERO DOLLARS!!!  I couldn't believe it when the cashier said thank you & have a great day instead that will be $50 some odd dollars; it was an amazing feeling & I can't wait for it to happen again!!  We are now a one income family so every penny saved is a great help & I am hoping that as more time passes I become more & more saving savvy!!

This week we had to give something away so I cleaned out my closet & gave what I had to a local battered women & children's shelter.  I also used my coupon savvyness to get some of the more personal items that they are always in need of from CVS, Walgreens, & Kroger.  I only spend about $20 but managed to get them 5 very full bags of feminine hygiene products, kids socks, bath essentials, & a few toys & books for the kids!  I hope that everything I sent them helps & I am going to try to make it a monthly thing that we do in the Goodson household.  I plan on donating more of our in the future as well; I really didn't have any extra time this past week but I know that I can make some in the near future!!
The was the last challenge of Budget Boot Camp is sponsored by Peter Pan, not only did they send us challengers 4 jars of their delicious peanut butter but they are also hosting a giveaway so make sure you go sign up!!

I have really enjoyed being a part of this challenge & know that with time our savings will increase tremendously.  I have learned that their is a technique to this whole thing & that once you take the time to get into the groove of it all it can be fun & in the long run VERY rewarding for the wallet!!