Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Brayden Loves His Cousins.........

This past weekend we had a family lunch to celebrate Lance's, Cindy's (Lance's sister) & my birthday; it is always such a fun time when we all can get together!!  B & I went over to JuJu & PaPa's early since Lance was golfing that morning (plus I wanted him to stay on his regular napping schedule); we met B's JuJu & 2 cousins at Waffle House for breakfast. It was B's 1st ever Waffle House experience & all I have to say is he LOVED the waffle he had!!

After breakfast we went back to JuJu's house to play.  Brayden loved watching his cousins play & fight; I think that he was observing & taking it all in so that he could learn how to beat up his little brother or sister.  Max & Caleb found these big fists (I think they are from Fantastic 4 - The Thing) that they used to play with...........the whole time Brayden just stared at them & laughed.
After playing in the play room for a while we all went down stairs & the boys tried to get on the didn't work out very well for them though!! He slowly but surely got right where he wanted to be!!
His cousins are so great with him & he really had a great time with them; I wish that they lived closer & that we got to see them more though!!