Thursday, September 30, 2010

Crocs Are In The House..........

I have never been a fan of Crocs & have always thought that they were a silly shoe HOWEVER I changed my tune when B started to hate waiting while I put on & tied his shoes every time we would leave the house.  He loves to go outside & when he would see me grab his shoes he would know that we were either leaving the house or going outside to play either way he wanted out the door as fast as possible & had no patience for me trying to put on & tie his ever adorable growing Puma shoe collection.  So I gave in & bought him a pair of Crocs just to see if he would even be able to walk in them; he can & he loves that they are on in only 2 seconds & then we are out the door.

They are so small that I think that they are adorable & not to mention he does make them look good!!  We of course had to get a Mickey Mouse to go on them since he LOVES him!!!

I also have to menion that he will soon own these bad boys; they are fur lined & perfect for winter!!  
Aren't they adorable??