Thursday, January 28, 2010

Voted the 7th City for Depressing News!

While driving into work this morning I heard this little tid bit of information & just thought it was too funny not to share. Atlanta was voted to be the 7th city to have the most depressing news. Why you might ask; is it our crime, traffic accidents, corruption, deaths........NOPE it is because of how the weather & travel conditions are reported!! HUH, REALLY??

Overview: Everyone freaks out about an anticipated snow dusting. The news team covers the story from every angle, real or imagined. Everything else -- combined -- is secondary.

Weather: One news team is panicking, but they don't want viewers to panic. Here's a sampling: "Be aware"; "There may be a dusting to a few inches of snow"; "Not wet [snow], likely it'll blow around. It won't stick, just kind of to the side of the road maybe. Just the kind I like"; "Look at these beautiful grains of snow."

One anchor comments amid all the snow hoopla, "I know the Northerners are making fun of us. We're just Southern pansies."

Wow, if this is all we have to be depressed about in Atlanta we are doing much better that some I guess!!