Thursday, January 7, 2010

BCS Championship Game - Who To Cheer For??

Tonight is the BCS National Championship game & I am having a hard time deciding on who to cheer for!! I am a GA Bulldog so I should be cheering "Roll Tide" since they are in the SEC.......HOWEVER if it wasn't for the Longhorns I feel I would never have met my wonderful hubby.

It was 4 years almost to the day (January 4, 2006) & I was hanging out with one of my best girlie's (she was born & raised in Texas) so we went up to out local bar in Buckhead....the good ol Bucketshop.....& while we were there cheering "hook em horns" in walked the man that was going to change my life forever.

Lance walked in & sat down across the bar & I was floored by his good looks when I noticed over there looking at me. He sent Pam & I drinks & then came over to talk to me......well when he got up out of his bar stool I noticed that he was short. He wasn't & isn't really short but I am 5'10.5" & I USED to be hung up on things like that; so needless to say I wasn't the nicest person & told him right off the bat "I don't date short people". That's right I said that to his face; I guess it was a good thing I did because he told me right then & there he would change that & HE DID!! It is still a joke to this day that I don't date short people I just marry them :)

But anyway back to the who to cheer for; I will be saying "ROLL TIDE" since Lance says we have to root for an SEC win but my heart will be saying "HOOK EM HORNS"!! I just brought myself to tears of joy. I love you baby & I am so happy that you walked into that bar that night....Big Kisses & all my love & devotion!!