Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Weekend Review....

We had a nice weekend together; with it being so cold & all the snow that GA got (hahaha) we just stayed home on Saturday & did stuff around & in the house. We are almost done with Brayden's playroom & got the guest room upstairs rearranged & organized. Sunday we went out & about with Lance's mom & dad & had such a good time but again it was so cold we didn't keep Brayden out too long......the last thing that we need it for him to get sick again!!

I guess the most exciting thing that happened this weekend was when we were waiting to be seated for lunch on Sunday; Brayden gave his 1st ever hug & let me just say it melted Lance to the core. Lance was holding & talking to him & Brayden looked at him with his big baby blues, put both arms around his shoulders, put his head down on Lance's shoulder & squeezed!! I cried & smiled & wished I had my camera to capture the love filled grin that was on Lance's face......it was a priceless moment :)

Here's our little man......he wasn't upset but quickly figured out that this face would make momma come running to see what he needs!!!

Oh yeah & we finally dropped our canvas wedding portrait off at Michael's to get framed....it only took us over 2 years!! It will be ready in 2 weeks & I can't wait to pick it up & hang it!!!