Friday, January 22, 2010

Is This Day Over Yet??

Little Brayden had a horrible nights sleep; he was whining & fussing last night from 1am on. We finally picked him up at 3:30am changed him & gave him a juice bottle (well a water bottle with a splash of juice for flavor) & he finally feel back to sleep around 6am which is right after he took a huge poop! Why does going potty have to make my sons poor belly twist & turn to the point that we all have sleepless nights? Why can't my poor little man just eat, pee, poop, & sleep like other kids do?? I could care less about the fact that I am tired but it really breaks my heart that there seems to be nothing that I can do for him sometimes. I feel so bad for him when this happens & just pray that as he grows he will eventually grow out of it! For now all I can do is give him the prunes everyday & pray that they will keep him regular!!

My head is going to plop down on my desk today........I just know it. I am looking forward to the weekend though; Lance's parents are going to come over & watch Brayden so Lance & I can have go on a date tomorrow night!!