Saturday, January 30, 2010

6 Month Check Up

Brayden had his 6 month check up yesterday; it was a few day early so I will not have his 6 month pictures until February 3 but here are his stats!!

Weight - 17.5 lbs - 56th percentile
Height - 29 inches - 99th percentile
Head - I forget the # but he is in the 64th percentile

The doctor said that he is doing wonderful & we should be very proud! We were a bit concerned because of his cough & runny nose but he just has a cold so he said we shouldn't worry.......but then he said to keep an eye out for ear infections & RSV both of which can develop from a cold.

We also talked to the doctor about other veggie options & we were shocked by his answers.....he said that he can have anything except for nuts, eggs & dairy. I said anything else & he said yeah even meat; he said that since I am making everything myself that I can puree whatever I want to.........UMMMM not ready for the meat just yet buddy but we will get there soon enough. He did tell me to also start leaving his foods a bit "lumpy" so that he can get used to different consistencies & teeth or no teeth he can start snacking on things like cheerios in another month! Really my little boy can eat all that...are you sure doc?? I am just going to play it all by ear & see how comfortable I feel with the food options as they come!

Brayden got all of his 6 month shots & he did so much better this time than he has the past 2 times; he only cried for about 10 seconds & then he was good to go & happy as can be. Lance says that our little boy is growing up & is going to be a tough guy :) Lance was so proud of Brayden so on the way out of the doctors office he grab him a sticker.

B always has a rough night for some reason after his shots; I am not sure if it is his legs being sore or what but needless to say mommy is tired today BUT so happy that our little boy is doing so well!! Here are some random photos from the past few days.