Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Our week.......(last week)

I started this & several other posts last week & tried to finish them so many times but kept getting distracted at work (damn work) or while I was at home; there were so many things I want to get done that I keep overwhelming myself!! So here is a recap of last week & our weekend as well!

Brayden had such a great week; he had so many things happening & going on that I felt like I couldn't keep up with him & it was kind of bittersweet to watch him change & grow so much in only one week. We tried a few different foods over the last week!

We started off with sweet potatoes (actually the week before) & he loved them.......

then acorn squash (also the week before)...LOVED.......

then carrots....also LOVED

then we moved onto green beans......HATED.....

& then pears for breakfast; I just couldn't see giving him a veggie for breakfast anymore.....oh yeah & instead of mixing his fruit with rice cereal I am doing oatmeal!!

he then tried peas.......I was afraid that he would hate these too since they are green but he loves them!!

Next on the list is apples & bananas!!

He is trying all of this new & yummy homemade food in his new highchair.

I think the other one we had was just to hard for him & he does great in his new one. He will actually even sit in it while not eating & just play with toys while I am doing stuff in the kitchen (which is so helpful!!).

We also had a new arrival in our home last week....Sophie came last Tuesday & she is a big hit!! Brayden loves to eat & suck on her feet....see below! He is so cute when he finally gets her feet in his mouth he just sucks on them like a pacifier & Lance & I both just laugh!!

This was in Brayden's diaper bag when I picked him up on Wednesday.........

Yep, his first art project & it is beautiful!! I know that his teacher put the glue on the paper but he picked out the shapes he wanted & thn suck them there; his masterpiece is hanging on our fridge & I am so proud of little man. To be honest I cried when I saw it!!

What else do I need to report about my ever growing & changing little man? Yesterday at lunch he sat in the highchair at the restaurant almost the whole time. He just played with the toys on his cover, his own hands(he is obsessed with his hands) & of course with Sophie. I couldn't believe that he sat there happy & content for that long....my little man is becoming a "little man" & wow where did the time go??

Brayden now reaches & grabs for what he wants...including his PaPa's nose.....

Sometimes it takes him some time but he will eventually get whatever he is after :)

It was an amazing week I just wish time would slow down!! I feel like he is growing up so fast & I just want to make sure I don't miss one moment of it!!