Monday, January 11, 2010

10 Honest Things About My Life

I was tagged by Jeannie at Perfectly Imperfect & also by Mrs. D. over at The Power of the Pink Lines to tell you guys 10 HONEST things about my life so here we go!

1. I LOVE laundry; I love to wash it, dry it, fold it, hang it, the smell of it, putting it away....the whole process....I LOVE LAUNDRY!!

2. I moved in with my hubby only 2 weeks after knowing him.....we just knew that we were meant be & didn't care how it looked or what people thought about us.

3. Brayden is my greatest accomplishment.....the joy & love I feel for him is indescribable; he is the most wonderful & joyous little boy & he is the best of both Lance & I!!

4. I am a neat freak with everything.....I mean a FREAK; to the point that I will get mad at Lance when he puts the dishes away wrong or in the wrong place!!

5. I miss my mom everyday; my parents live in VA Beach & they are actually getting ready to move to NM to take care of my Grandmother (dad's mom) & I understand why they are going of course but I don't get to see her that often now & when they move it will probably be even less.

6. I loved being pregnant; I loved feeling Baby B moving in my belly everyday & I loved how close & protected I felt like I was keeping him PLUS I didn't get sick at all..not one day!!

7. I LOVE reality TV.....I would have to say my favorite addiction is "The Real Housewives" & yes I watch all of them from Orange County (my fave), New Jersey, New York, Atlanta (gives us a bad name but what can ya do?), & soon I am sure I will love the new location........Washington DC!!

8. I make a fool of myself when it comes to making Brayden happy; I will jump around, sing, dance, what ever it takes to put a smile on my baby boys face!!

9. I love my husband more than I can ever tell him. We have our issues & I feel that right now things are tough & distant between us BUT I would do anything for him; he is my soul mate & I thank God for joining us in life, marriage & family every day!!

10. Lance & I have not been back to church since Brayden was born! I don't have a reason why we just haven't & I am so disappointed in us. I love our church & love the closeness I feel to God when we are there; that's it we are going this coming Sunday!!!

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