Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Our New Living Room!!

Lance has been wanting a new sofa for a while now & I kept telling him that the one we had was still in great shape & it made no sense to go out & spend the money on a new one......I mean the one we had was only 3 years old & sofas last a lot longer than that right?? Yeah, the sofa was a big sectional & the spots that Lance & I sat in all the time on the sofa needed to be re stuffed but I was perfectly content with the way it fit in our living room.........

Lance kept bringing up the sofa so about 2 weeks ago he convinced me to at least go to the American Signature Furniture near the our house to "just look".......needless to say our new sofa

& my new beautiful blue chair were delivered this past Saturday!!
& I love the way they make our living room look. We have so much room & space in there now. American Signature got everything set up & then they gave me a $50 off coupon (you have to spend $100) so Brayden, my MIL & I went there too look for a little table to go beside the chair & found this one. I LOVE it!!I & doesn't it look great beside my beautiful chair??

American Signature is right near the TJ Maxx Home Goods store & my MIL & I never pass up a chance to go in & see what they have plus I had to find a small pillow to put in the blue chair. We found a pillow that would fit it perfectly & also found this chair......

& not only does it fit perfectly beside the TV BUT it was discounted from $325 to $120 so who could pass up a deal like that?? It is more decretive than anything but it can be pulled over to the sofa for extra seating anytime we need it!!

The pillow in the decretive chair came from Pier 1 Imports & I know that it is fru fru but I LOVE it!! While at Pier 1 we also found these little votive candle holder that we put behind the sofa. We originally had this shelf because we didn't have coffee or end tables with our other sofa so we would put the remotes & stuff behind us.

All in all I think that the room looks great & is very comfortable; it works for us & for Brayden. Brayden has plenty of room to move around in & eventually crawl & walk too. The space if baby friendly because there aren't really hard corners or surfaces & the few that we do have can be baby proofed pretty easily. We did sell our old sofa on Craig's List so we did get some of our money back which was a huge plus too. I think I am just trying to make myself feel better about giving in to this purchase (& the many others that followed) but it turned out better than I expected & even our little man approved so I guess we made the right choice!!!