Thursday, January 20, 2011

Big Shoes to Fill........

B loves to put on shoes that are lying around the house & for this reason I make sure that I only leave my tennis shoes around so he doesn't end up in heels!!

It is funny to watch him walk around the house in his daddy's shoes when he is at work; he will walk around for what feels like hours wearing them saying "Dada" & each time he says it I tell him "Dada is at work"; he will stop for a second & then start calling him again.  It melts my heart & I love that he loves his wonderful Dada so much..........I guess that is why Dada was the first to hear "luv u" for the first time EVER this past Monday, huh??

He is talking up a storm & although we still can't understand a good bit of what he says when he decides to say something it is the best feeling in the how do I get him to say "luv u" to momma????