Friday, January 7, 2011

Where Are the Days Going???

Brayden had his 17 month birthday this past Monday & I swear it feels like we just had his 1 year birthday party the last week!!  He is of course growing like a weed & changing as each day passes; he is the sweetest, most loving, smiley little boy & continues to melt mine & his daddy's hearts on a daily basis!

He loves to spends the mornings in his PJ's & watch the Imagination Movers in the morning & after nap & they make him smile dance & laugh every time!!  As you can see he also likes to take his socks off......all day everyday.

He loves to sit at his new learning table & color (without eating the crayons now), look at books & "count his cookies". 

He is obsessed with TV remotes, cell phones, computer key boards & anything else electronic he can get his hands on! 

He still loves to ride his horsey............ 

Eating on his own is coming along & he always starts out using his spoon but he always ends up shoveling his food into his mouth with his hands............I guess it is still quicker & more effective for him! 

He has become a little cuddle bug; he has always loved on his toys but he is now more loving with us too........he gives the best hugs ever!!!! 

He was napping & sleeping like a champ but lately it seems that he only naps like a champ.  He has been getting a ton of teeth in & has been in quite a bit of pain & discomfort not to mention he had a cold so he & we got used to having to go into his room a few times at night & now we have to go back to getting used to NOT doing that............ 

He loves to help mommy with everything...........even laundry; he is quite a good button pusher. 

He is very curious about everything & like to get into everything too............... 

which means he is very busy & is keeping me very busy & I guess that is not all bad since it is keeping me up, active, moving & mobile while growing his little brother!!

He is quite the dare devil & adventurer; I am just waiting for the day he falls & really gets hurt. 

He is perfection in a child & he is such a blessing!! 

He has found his independence & of course has his moments but he makes being a SAHM so much fun & makes my day every single day.  I love you baby boy & always will; you are & always will be mommy's sunshine.