Sunday, January 23, 2011


The snow finally left us at the beginning of last week so that meant we could get back in the groove of things & that makes this momma REALLY happy.  We are all finally 100% & feeling good about getting back into our routines..........this means I am walking again (woo hoo) & B is getting to play at the mall again :)

He just couldn't control his excitement!!

Even dad came with us one day this week........

Watch out on the roads when this little guy gets his license.........he is going to be hell on wheels!! 

I feel like we are having a bit of a struggle getting back into his normal routine though & I have let that fact bother me more than it should, I think.  I was actually asked a while back if I was one of "those moms" that has a strict schedule or if I was more of the laid back type of mom & I have to admit that I am kind of the more strict schedule mom.  I think that a great & normal routine helps both B & I get through each day with out too many tantrums or breakdowns & although some days I do feel like I am a slave to "the schedule" it really is what has & still is working the best for us.  I am not saying that at exactly 11 he is eating lunch & then at 12 noon my child is in his crib asleep BUT he does have 2 snacks a day, eat lunch, & go down for nap at about the same time each & everyday...........does that make me "that kind of mom"??  What kind of schedule/routine do you guys have??