Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Please Go Away..........

It was nice the first day & it was alright yesterday but today I might just lose my mind!!  B & I have been cooped up in the house for 3 days straight & although we have been outside a little bit each day it hasn't been enough so today I WANT OUT OF THIS HOUSE & it's not going to happen!!!!!

Here is how we spend the 1st snow day inside..........Lance (& the pups too) was so happy to be able to have a pallet since we haven't had one in such a long time!!

We brought the dogs beds downstairs to the living room so that they wouldn't lay all over us but Brayden decided that he wanted to take one of them over for snack time with dad......... 

We took B outside for a second to see what he thought about it & he seemed excited!! 

So we put on his hat & coat a little bit later & tested it again & he was ready!!!

We made him a make shift sled & away we went............he loved every minute of getting pulled around!! 

It was then time to try walking on it & he did great; he held Lance's hand for a second & then he was off to play & explore. 

Eventually the golf clubs came out for a few swings & then it was time to go in.

But not before Lance & Bella had some fun!! 

We have had a blast seeing how B enjoys the snow but Georgia is not prepared for this type of weather & that just means that you shouldn't risk driving if you don't have too so this pregnant momma is on the verge of going stir crazy & is hoping that tomorrow is going to at least be above freezing so this will at least start to melt & start to get back to normal soon!!