Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years Eve & Resolutions

This year we of course couldn't go out & pain the town red for New Years Eve & we are perfectly OK with that!!  We had a pretty low key celebration with a few friends & just went to dinner & then rang in the new year with fireworks & watching the ball drop at our house.  I was shocked that I actually made it to midnight to see the ball drop but I did.

As I was trying to fall asleep that night I was left thinking about new years resolutions & if I was going to make any this year.  I feel like I always make them & then 2 days later forget all about them; I am going to try to actually set & stick to 3 resolutions this year though.

1.  Letting Go - I am going to try to let go of my clean/neat freak habits & just enjoy when things are in disarray; I am so afraid that I am missing out on things with Brayden & eventually Colton because I am walking around cleaning up after them & not enjoying them.

2.  Laughing - I am going to try to laugh more & stress less; I have always been a high strung individual & have always stressed/worried about everything.  I don't let it affect my mood & never does it affect my happiness when I am with my family but when I am alone or have a free minute to myself my mind goes to what has o be done, paid, cleaned, fixed, name it & it is running through my mind at any given moment & I would like to calm that down a little bit.

3.  Quality Time - this one is more about Lance & I; we do not & have not been putting time & effort into our marriage.  We have let things get to the point of almost constant tension & it is not healthy nor is it going to lead us down a good path.  Marriage is work & hard work at that sometimes but the rewards are amazing & we have lost sight of that & need to get "us" back.

I hope that you all had a wonderful New Year's celebration & was just wondering...........did you or do you make resolutions & if you do, how do you stick to them??