Wednesday, June 1, 2011

21 Months..........Only 4 Weeks Late!!

The day B celebrated his 21 month b-day his world changed & I don't think he liked it one bit!!  His little brother entered the world on May 3rd & that makes them exactly 21 months apart & we are still trying to figure out if B will ever like his little brother!!

I am kind of kidding about him ever liking Colton; he does give him one kiss a day so I guess that is a good place to start right??

Brayden's vocabulary is ever expanding & he is growing up so fast.  Sometimes I look at him & he looks so big & I almost burst into tears because my baby boy is disappearing before my very eyes!  

He has become quite the picky little eater & when he plays outside (which is all the time) he doesn't want to eat anything other than PB&J sandwiches.  So he has been eating those a good bit here lately.  He has also decided that he wants to go back to being an early 5:30am early!!  I am hoping that this will stop soon & we can go back to his 7-8am mornings.

He has really become a momma's boy since Colton's arrival; I guess he always kind of was but he really is more so now.  He is very clingy to me & if I even walk out of a room he starts yelling "momma, momma" until I answer, come back into the room or h just comes to find me.  It is the sweetest thing I have ever seen!!

He is an outside lover & just like he loves baths he LOVES to play in the water outside.  He loves to help me water the flowers & when we turn the sprinklers on look out because he is going to run right for them!

I didn't think it possible but he gives even better hugs tan he used too; he wraps his legs so tightly around the person that he is hugging, puts his head down on your shoulder & wraps his arms so tightly around your neck & you can just feel the all his love.  He still won't say "love you" but his hugs say it all for him!!

He still uses a binky at map & bedtime but we are hoping to have it gone by the time he turns 2.  We call him "big boy" now & he loves it; it actually works for a lot of things like "big boys don't throw fits" & "big boys don't hit" so hopefully soon we can tell him "big boys don't use a binky" & he will not want it.......I can dream right??

He is very independent & wants to try to do everything on his own & when he can't get something done he gets very upset.  He can put his crocs on all by himself (which isn't hard) but he always has them on the right feet & I am pretty impressed with that.  He loves snaps & buckles; he wants to click everything in place every single time he gets put in his car seat & hates that I have to help him with it.

He still loves Toy Story but has branched out & will watch Nemo, Cars & a few other Disney movies too. I would love to be able to take him to see Cars 2 because he freaks out every time the preview comes on but just don't know if he is ready for the movie theater just yet.

His obsession with tags is getting worse & in constantly digging in the back of his pants to get at the one on his pants.  He looks like he is digging in his butt & I am fearful that he might actually go into his diaper when there is something in it but I can't stop him from doing it.  I give him other stuff with tags on it (blankets, burp clothes, & whatever else I can find) & he will play rub them for a little bit but always goes back to the tag in the back of his pants........what's a mom to do? 

He is doing so great in his toddler bed & even tells me when he is ready for bed.  I am so happy that the conversion went as smoothly as it did & that it was not effected by Colton's arrival.

He is still in size 5 diapers & is wearing 2T shirts but has such a little waist that most of his shorts are 18 months.  He bites his finger nails already & laughs out loud when he thinks things are funny.  He is such a good little boy & we love him so much.  He is slowly adjusting to his little brother being here & it breaks my heart to see him sad because I just can't pick him up all the time like I used too.

Brayden you are loved by everyone you meet & you have a heart of gold.  I know that things are tough for you right now & you are still trying to understand what exactly is going on but always know that we love you & nothing will ever change that!!