Monday, June 6, 2011

Missing My Family........

I miss my parents & sister so much & hate that they are so far away.  I know that my dad has always wanted to go back home but New Mexico is 18 hours away from Georgia if you are traveling via car & that is too far to travel with two kids any time soon so who knows when we will see them all again.  I was so happy that they were able to be here after Colton's birth & hated to see them go.  I want my boys to know there Grams, Puddy & Aunt Mammie & to love them as much as I do; I also must say that he has not even meet his other Aunt & cousins but hopefully will soon.

Bella enjoyed Puddy being here too.

Brayden loves buttons.

Puddy being silly.

Grams spent a lot of time holding Colton since B had such a hard time understanding & adjusting to his baby brother being here.

We think B thought my mom brought Colton to the house so he wouldn't go near her.........until the day before they left!!

Puddy again being silly; wearing B's new hat.

& now wearing a tupperware hat!

I am hoping that my mom will be coming for B's birthday in August; I haven't had mom to myself in quite a very long time!!