Friday, June 3, 2011

Fences, Swing Sets, This & That...........

I am behind on just about everything & feel the need to get & be caught up by yesterday & I need to let go of that because I have a 22 months old & a one month old & things have changed!!

Anyway, my parents came from NM right after (the next day) Colton's birth & stayed with us for a few weeks; I loved having the help & miss then so much.  While they were here my Dad & Lance stained our fence; it took them a good part of he day to do it but it looks amazing & changed the whole look of our back yard.  It wasn't as cheap to do as I thought it would be but them doing it themselves was cheaper than having someone else do it!

My dad also put together the new swing st that we got Brayden; I was hoping for some cooler weather for him to put it together in but it actually got a bit too cold & Brayden had to wear a coat & hat just to play on the thing!!

Brayden helped his Puddy as much as he could of course :)

And when it was all done he was in heaven; he loves it & it is very convenient for me having it in the back yard since taking a new born & toddler to the park alone isn't something I was prepared to do.  This way B still gets to play outside & swing just like he would at the park!!

It was only cold for a few days & is now back to the sweltering over 90 degree southern weather we are used too..............but that doesn't stop my little guy from wanting to outside all day everyday!!

When it is time to come in though this is what happens & after this face comes a long & drawn out screaming session.  He is having a tad bit of an issue with the fact that his fun outside is over when his little brother starts crying because he has woken up from a nap; I know that it will get better with time but it breaks my heart at this point in time.

Brayden has also decided that he wants all of his stuff to be his again & not Colton's!  We have brought out his nap nanny as well as his old vibrating chair & he apparently still thinks that he can use them; I don't have the heart to tell him that he is too big & I figure that he will not care about them soon enough.

As for this little guy; he is doing well & if he would actually nap during the day & not just cat nap I would be eternally grateful.