Saturday, June 18, 2011

Baby Shower

I hosted a baby shower for one of nearest & dearest friends last Saturday; I was just about to type that she is the last one of my friends due but my SIL is still due too.  I swear there has been something in the water in the last year because everyone I know has popped out or will soon be popping out a little one & strangely enough there has only been 1 girl born out of the 6 that have or will be arriving........huh!

April is due on July 31st & she & her hubby can't wait to meet Brady!!  Here is the mommy to be with her mom & sister. 

She loved the shower & received lots & lots of gifts for her little guy & I was so happy to throw the shower for her BUT can I just say it was a rough day.  Colton of course would nap that morning so I was stressed about getting everything all turned out well I think though.

I cheated & ordered chicken salad sandwiches & chicken strips from Chick Fil a  then just made pasta salad & spinach dip to got with the veggie tray & then had a fruit tray as well.  It was a lot to do with 2 kids at home but I managed to pull it off & was pretty impressed with myself!

& just because..........B LOVED the chicken strips!!  I only really mention this because we have tried the nuggets from Chick Fil A before & he hated them so I am really happy that he likes them now!!