Tuesday, June 7, 2011

B & Colton's Friends

We had our friends over a few weeks ago so that everyone could offically meet Colton; it just so happens that we were all pregnant at the same time so our kids are all going to be close in age which is going to be great!

Olivia & Jones are both 3 months old & seem to have bonded already.

Poor Matt had an unfortunate biking accident but you can still see that Olivia looks just like her daddy!!

Jones is already trying to get around; he is going to keep his mommy & daddy very busy. 

Brayden of course had a good time & was his normal happy & chipper self! 

April is due July 31st (I am throwing her shower this weekend) so she was getting her practice in. 

And Colton was such a good boy. 

It will be so neat to watch all of our kids grow up together & hopefully be the best of friends.  There is only 1 girl in the bunch so hopefully the 3 boys won't get into a fight over who get to date her......hahaha!