Monday, June 6, 2011

; 22 & 1 ;

The 3rd of each month is going to be a big one in the Goodson household from here on out since it means that both boys are both another month older.

Brayden you are now 22 months old & I am freaking out that you are going to be 2 in only 2 months.  We love you so much pumpkin doodle (yes this is what I call him).  You are such a good & busy big boy & we thank God for you each & every day!!

Colton you are now 1 month old & I also can't believe it; it seems like we just brought you home from the hospital last week!!  It has been a struggle but you are finally sleeping better & I am happy that switching your formula was all it took to get your belly better (still have my fingers crossed he won't be colicy like B).  You are quite the little piggy & getting so big already.......I guess your trying to be big like your brother already!!  Your not big on the paci & you love to be held & bounced when you are tired.  You smile when we kiss your neck & your back is very ticklish.  

Lance & I are truly blessed & just can't believe that we have 2 amazing little boys in our lives.  They brighten our days & fill our hearts with so much love..........being a parent is the most rewarding job I have ever had!!