Monday, June 27, 2011

Father's Day

The boys were both excited for Father's Day & even though Lance had to work we got to spend the morning with him & give him his presents.  I am a huge card person & love to pick out just the right one for each occasion; I am that person that stands in the card section of the store for about an hour reading all of them until I find just the right one for the person or occasion........crazy I know.

Even our pups give cards at each occasion!!

Lance loved his cards & his presents too; the boys got him an accessory for his IPad & an engraved pocket knife!  Lance loved both things but I think that Brayden loved the IPad keyboard more than Lance did since he loves anything & everything with buttons on it.

I hated that Lance had to leave for work & he did too but at least we had a great morning together & we got to spend some of the day together as a family.  The rest of the day the boys & I spent with PaPa & JuJu at Monkey Joe's; B really does have such a great  time there & e have decided that we are doing his birthday there & although I am going to miss doing all the decorations & set up that we would do if it as at the house it just isn't something I have time for this year with the baby.  I know that B (& all of the other kids) will have a great time there & I think that we will enjoy not stressing over the planning process this year BUT next year both boys will have parties at the house for sure!