Monday, June 27, 2011


B is going to be turning 2 in just a little over a month & I have sworn that, that is when the "binky" will be gone for good but as the day gets closer & closer I wonder how in the hell I am going to make that happen.

He only gets it at nap & bed time & he actually doesn't even suck on the thing anymore; he just chews the crap out of it & it hangs out the side of his mouth.  I think that it is a big security blanket for him at this point & am fearful to take it away; plus I know that it is going to make nap & night times hell & I am just not looking forward to getting less sleep than I am already getting (I know selfish).

Any advise that you ladies might have regarding this would be greatly appreciated.  The only thing that I have started with B regarding this is telling him each time that we give it to him that "big boys don't have binky's & since he is about to be 2 & that is a really big boy he shouldn't  need it anymore".  He doesn't care & reaches for it anyway :)