Saturday, October 23, 2010

12 Weeks (yesterday)......

Due Date: May 6, 2011
Total weight gain: 2lbs. (doctor says that I am under weight so I will need to gain more weight this time; I told them that I will only be gaining the same 32lbs. that I gained with Brayden........NO MORE)
Morning Sickness: nope
Cravings: all things sweet, chocolate, sugary & spicy.  It is wierd though because I didn't have any of these cravings with Brayden until the end!
Sleep: I wish I could get more than a few hours.  I had this issue when I was pregnant with Brayden (& I have never been a good sleeper anyway) but I have no problem falling asleep but I can't stay asleep.
I can't live without: Water; I am so thiristy all the time.
I miss: Wine.......Ravenswood Red Zinfendel to be exact
I am looking forward to: We have a doctors appointment on Monday at 3pm & we will get to see our little one!!  We have to go see a specialist because of Lance's heart & lung issues & to get some other things looked at more closely too (I will explain later)
Milestones: Getting out of 1st trimester
Exercise: Walk with Brayden 5 mornings a week & let me tell you our neighbor is very hilly & his stroller is VERY heavy so I get a very good workout.  I am going to start my pregnant pilaties this week too.
Diet: I was eating healthy before so now I am just trying to stay away from all the sweets I am craving
Movement: Not yet
Gender: We will find out November 23rd @ 10:30 am
Labor Signs: Nope
Belly Shot: