Friday, October 29, 2010

Goodbye Bib.........

Hello t-shirt cut down the back; we needed more area to be covered/protected from whatever he is eating so I have been cutting Lance's old t-shirts & using them to cover B while he eats!!

Like I have said before he is very independent & likes to do things himself & I figure I should let him learn right??  Well the eating situation has gotten a bit out of hand here lately.  For some reason (this started about 2 weeks ago) Brayden will be eating just fine & trying to use his utensils but then all of a sudden he starts eating a bite & then smooching the rest of the food.  He will smooch it until he finishes the bite in his mouth & then eat some more & smooch some more........then he will start putting the food on his head!!  Yeah, on his head; not sure what this is about but it is messy & sometimes a bath is needed right after dinner (which by the way DOES NOT help with the staying up later thing).

He is so cute when he is all messy & I don't mind the mess at all but I do worry that he is getting more on his head, in his lap & on the floor for the dogs than he is getting in his tummy!!