Monday, October 11, 2010

14 Months Old.......

On October 3rd Brayden turned 14 Months & we yet again went through the day trying to get a good picture of him in his chair & yet again I did not succeed!!  They are not too bad but they are also not of him sitting still in the chair; but what can I do right?

Brayden is still wearing a size 4 diaper & he is in 12-18 or 18 months clothes.

He is talking up a storm & I am actually understanding more & more of it as each day goes by.  Just the other day he took his pajama pants off (he does this all the time now for some reason) & he looked at them & said "bea" for bear; I was so proud!!

He thinks that he can feed himself better than I can so most of the time I let him but if it is something really messy or we are out I try to feed him & he doesn't like that at all..........very independent already.  He has stopped liking all veggies but hopefully it is temporary but other than that he will eat anything!!

He blows kisses all the time now & even makes the "muuah" sound.

He is obsessed with milk & runs to the fridge & bangs on it whenever he wants some; I guess it is good that he likes it but the yells "mil" really loud the whole way to the fridge when he wants really is adorable!

When we get into my car he automatically reaches his arm up for me to turn on the DVD player; he is in love with a Winnie the Pooh Musical movie that I bought him a while a back & only wants that movie to be played over & over & over & over.  It keeps him busy in the car but I don't think that I can take it any longer; we are actually going to see if I can find another musical movie after nap time!!

He loves to dance & he is so cute when he is doing it; he bounces his legs & head & it is ADORABLE!!  I hope that he gets Lance's rhythm!!

Thankfully the weather is still nice because my boy is an outside boy through & through.

He finally loves to brush his teeth; we bought him a step so that he can see over my sink & he stands there & brushes his teeth while we do ours. (by the way he has 10 teeth now)

Brayden's sleep schedule is under review; he goes to bed at 7 (I am pushing for 7:30) but he starts to wake up some/the majority of mornings at 5:30am & that make momma not very happy since I am having trouble sleeping these days.  Some days he wakes up because he has pooped but other days he wakes up for no reason & won't go back to sleep & then is tired until nap time..........any suggestions would be wonderful!!

Brayden gets NO bottles & still only gets his paci at nap & bed time; that will soon be going though!!  I want him to be completely done with the paci when the baby gets here so he doesn't really want it then or for the whole time the baby has it.

He is finally getting hair!!!

Here are some more random photos from his 14 month birthday; hopefully he will soon sit down & sit still again for some but I am not holding my breath.  I love that he is so active & happy but being pregnant it makes it hard some days.