Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Yummy Chicken Salad!!

I accidentally bought a big bag of chicken breast WITH the bone when I was shopping at Costco so it had been just sitting in the freezer since we don't like chicken breasts with the bone OR with the skin on them.  Every time I would open the freezer I would get pissed because they were still there & they were eventually going to freezer burn so I decided to defrost them & make something with them.

I baked them in the oven & decided that I would use half of the chicken I pulled off the bone for chicken taco night (which turned out amazing too) & then I used the other half to make the most wonderfully delicious chicken salad that I have ever made in my entire life!!I am not sure if it is really the best because it is good or if it is the best because I am pregnant but whatever the case I am in love with it & now make it weekly!!
All I do is bake the chicken with salt & pepper, let it cool & then pull off all the yummy juicy meat. 
Put it in a bowl that you can mix in & then add light mayo, halved grapes, granny smith green apple pieces & walnuts.  Not only it is very healthy for you but it has a kind of sweetness to it that gets rid of a sugar craving too!!  I just add everything to my liking & have no real measurements for it!
Tell me this doesn't look good..........& I don't eat it on bread so I can just reach in the fridge & grab a few bite whenever I need a snack or with B running around when I get a "few free seconds" to eat!!