Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Boy & His Dog(s).........

We have 2 wonderful dogs that love Brayden very much; we have our almost 5 year old bulldog, Georgia, & our almost 4 year old albino boxer, Bella.  Brayden loves both dogs very much but he seems to want to play with Georgia more than he does Bella & unfortunately Georgia doesn't like that.  She is like a grumpy old man & just wants to lay around & nap all day; don't get me wrong she will play but only when she wants to NOT the other way around. 

It is so funny to watch Brayden with her; he will just start walking toward her & she will get up & move & move again & move again & move yet again & she will do this until Brayden just gives up on trying to play with her.  I wish he would just go straight for Bella because she is up for playing 24/7.  This dog will get up nub a wagging when I get up to pee in the middle of the is cute but can sometimes be quite annoying too.

Anyway, Bella loves Brayden & just lets him crawl all over her all the time.  I am happy that the pups are so good with him & just know that they will love Baby G #2 too.