Monday, March 7, 2011

19 Months ;

My little are you already 19 months old?  How are you already 5 months away from your 2nd birthday??  Why are you growing up so fast??

You are so happy all of he time but I feel like over the last month you have been struggling to stay healthy; if your nose is not running your eyes are yucky & if none of that is happening you are sleeping poorly & that makes me one sad momma.  I think that you are having growing pains like your momma used to & if that is the case than I feel horrible; I remember mine from a very young age & they were very painful but there is nothing that I can do except pray that they are soon gone.

You are all over the place all the time; you are very active, curious, sneaky & if you could you would be outside 24/7.  You are quite the little climber & love to jump on anything & everything.....even if you are just standing still you'll jump.  You are using your words more & more & pointing/whining less & less.  You tend to get very frustrated when trying to communicate with your daddy & I but we are working on it & are shocked each day with what comes out of your mouth.  In no time at all I know that you'll be talking up a storm!!

You love mommy's camera BUT only when you can push the button yourself..........otherwise you won't even look at me & run away!!  You of course HATE the word no & even tend to hit at the air & sometimes us when it is said to you; so a Goodson style of time out has joined the family & it seems to really be helping.

Coloring is another one of your favorite past times; every color is "puu-ple" & you even say that when you just want me to get the crayons & coloring book out but again I know that in no time at all you'll know the difference between "puu-ple" & coloring & even start learning your colors.

You LOVE being outside & thankfully we have had some very nice weather so we have been able to get out a lot; it does seem that you have allergies but you never let that stop you from having a good time.  You always have to have a ball in your hands when we are outside & you love to play catch & throw the ball over & over & over.  You make sure to keep mommy in very good shape that's for sure.  You are a very social little man & never ever have you met a stranger...........

This little boy was very sweet to let you point out the "puppies" on his shirt at least 30 times!!  You say "hieeeee" & bye-bye to each & every person that we walk by; whether it be at the grocery store, the park, the mall.........wherever we are you are making sure people know that you are there & that they feel welcome there too.

We are having trouble finding pants to fit you since you are so tall & skinny; 18 months still fit your little waste but are too short so we are ready for spring/summer & shorts!!  I know that baggy pants are in style right now but diaper butt hanging out is not the way I want you be seen each & every day.  You are in a size 5 diaper, size 6 shoe & 2T shirts; I feel like all of your sizes are all over the place but you look cute in each & everything that I put you in............who says a momma needs a little girl to dress up??

You have a very big & loving heart & have even started to hold hands like a pro.  At first you hated this & just wanted to be free to run but thankfully have realized that it really isn't so bad.  You continue to give the best hugs & kisses & I hope that doesn't stop the older you get.  

Your independence is something to be desired; you think that you can do everything on your own all of the time but have proven time & time again that this really isn't the case.  You still prefer to eat with your hands but that is only because the spoon & fork hold you back from the food getting into your mouth quickly; we are working on this everyday & soon enough I hope & pray that we will get through a meal without having to change you shirt or pants.  You are still a huge fan of brushing your teeth & really enjoy washing your hands too.  You manners are impeccable & you always say "peese" & "tank-u" you when you want or receive something.

You are a blessing each & every day & your daddy & I couldn't have asked for a more perfect little angel.  We worry about your reaction to Colton & can only hope & pray that you always know that we love you very much & we do have enough love for both you & your brother.  We pray that you are the best of friends & only beat each other up on a rare occasion.  We tend to worry a little less knowing that you are so loving & sweet but worry none the less because we would never want you to be upset & hurt & not be able to make you feel better or help you.