Monday, March 14, 2011

What a Weekend.......

We couldn't have asked for better weather for March this past weekend; I mean it was gorgeous!  It made for a fun outdoors weekend & after a rough start on Friday night the weekend turned out perfect as well.

I am not going to get into the details of our Friday night but lets just say that I only slept about an hour & granted I have not been sleeping well for a while now this sleepless night was caused by other things & not pregnancy so Saturday was very rough for this momma!  B woke up in a beyond FANTASTIC mood & we were off & running for a fun & busy day.  I was exhausted but didn't want that to effect B's day so I decided that we needed to keep moving & enjoy every moment of the 70 degree weather that God blessed us with!  That morning we ran a few errands & then went to the little park in the front of our neighborhood & I was shocked at how much B did all on his own.  He was climbing & playing like such a big boy & even though I was worried the whole time that he was going to hurt himself or fall he didn't & he seemed so proud of himself!

Didn't quite understand the concept of the tire swing.......

But of course LOVED the regular swing..........

We got home from the park, ate lunch & he was down for the count right after & I got to work on cleaning our messy downstairs.  We had some work done in our kitchen on Thursday & needless to say it made our whole downstairs a very big & dusty mess afterwards (I will post about our latest home improvements & Colton's nursery once I get photos taken).  After a good nap we were back outside for more fun in the sun; we took so many walks up & down our street that afternoon.  B would go to his Radio Flyer & say more & then go over to his tricycle & say more as well so up & down the street we went over & over & over again.

We of course had to spend time in the back yard as well; I am so surprised that just enjoys walking/running around the backyard like he does but he & the dogs just run & play for what seems like hours sometimes.

(if you notice B's left hand he has a glove on it; h found it in his wagon & wore it for the rest of the afternoon & than again was quite funny)

Saturday night came & went & after B went down at 8:30 I followed right behind him; I think I was asleep before my head even hit the pillow!!  I think because I was so tired from the night before that I slept alright but woke up at what I thought was 3am (which has been the norm lately) so I got up & started doing stuff downstairs & then when I came back upstairs to get on the computer I realized that it was really only 2am because of the time change.............Lance had already fixed our clocks so needless to say I was up & yesterday was a very long day again but it was beautiful outside so it was another great day!!

Lance golfed yesterday morning & B & I spent the morning outside walking & playing with JuJu & then once daddy got home B helped him give the pups a bath.......he loves to help his daddy out with anything & everything!!

Kisses for daddy; so precious!!!

We ran some more errands & went to B's favorite store; Toys R Us; & then we were off to dinner to meet B's PaPa, Uncle J, & Uncle J's new girlfriend.  We ate Japanese Hibachi & I was swollen before we even left the restaurant!!

We spent the rest of the evening playing outside & enjoying the weather for as long as we could; it is crazy how long the sun is up from just an hour change but it it going to make for some great nights this spring/summer!!  We got cleaned up & settled in for a little family movie night.  The movie of B's choice these days is Toy Story (1, 2 or 3 will do) so we all got our drinks, blankets & snacks & just sat back & relaxed!!

We got this chair for B last weekend & he loves it but he wants it up on the sofa with us & not on the floor & how can we to say no to that cute little face??