Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Sign of Things To Come??

We did the 1st half of our maternity photos this past Sunday & we were hoping that B would be in a good mood & on top of that cooperate with having his picture taken & although he was in a good mood he wanted no part of the photos & wanted me to have no part in them either!!  I am not really sure what happened but when we got to the location where we were going to do the photos & got changed & ready to start he freaked out & when I say freaked out I mean FREAKED OUT!!

He started throwing a fit & it was like no other I have seen before or want to see again; he was crying, screaming & yelling & only wanted me to hold him & that doesn't really happen ever.  He is usually so loving towards everyone that is around him but he wouldn't go to his dad or to his JuJu for anything.  We finally took him down to a playroom & Lance & I took a few photos in he hopes that he would calm down & join us but that just never happened.  He came out of the playroom & saw me laying on Lance's lap & came over & started grabbing at me to get up & get was so sad because it was like he was scared & thought something bad was happening to me.

I am not really sure what he was so upset about & have come to the conclusion that he is teething (since the drooling & nawing of toys has returned) but even with him teething he has never acted so "clingy" before & it made me wonder if he is sensing the baby's arrival & already having a reaction to that?  If that is the case than we are going to have our hands full when Colton arrives because B might not like him taking his mommy's time at all!!  I am so afraid & pray every day that B loves his new little brother & that his transition is as smooth as possible but after this weekend I am just not sure what he is going to do.

We are going to try again & finish up taking our photos tomorrow & can't wait to see them.  I will of course post them here once I receive them from CK Photography.  I am not feeling like the the most beautiful momma right now but I just know that they will do an amazing job capturing this precious time on our lives!!  Here is the only one that I have seen so far & I LOVE it!!