Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Well, My Monday Really Sucked!!

Yesterday started off to be such a great day but quickly turned into a crappy one!!  B woke up in the best mood & we played for a while around the house & then I decided that we would run our errands in the morning so we could spend the afternoon enjoying the beautiful weather outside.  We got dressed & off we went to Kohl's & the then to Sam's & then our last stop was going to be to Hobby Lobby but we never quite made it there.

We were pulling out of the Sam's parking lot & this happened..........I rear ended this a**hole!!  Here he is getting in his car; do you see that small ding in his bumper that is the damage that was caused to his car by the SUV (the ding in his trunk was already there).

This is the front end of my truck; yes I hit him & yes there is some damage but I hit THAT GUY.......he got out of his car & his first words to me were "I have whiplash".

Here's the deal; we were pulling out of the parking lot & there was no one coming in the lane that we were going to be pulling into so he went & then I started to go as well & when I looked again to check the lane he slammed on his brakes & I hit him.  I could not have been going (in a rolling motion) more than 5 miles per hour & if B & I are feeling perfectly OK then how in the hell could he say he has whiplash??  Why do people these days feel the need to act & do things like I have a feeling this guy is going to do?  Accidents happen & that is why we all are supposed to have insurance BUT that doesn't mean try to get all the money your greedy ass thinks you can get by doing something like that!!  I was not very nice to him when he said that he had whiplash & my not so kind response was "Sir, we were going about 3-5 mph so I don't think that is possible but let's just call the police & go from there".

The police arrived & took our info & mean while I started crying, checked on B for the 50th time to make sure that he was fine & he was just a playing & laughing while watching Winnie the Pooh & then started to clean up all the fruit that was all over the back of my truck.  The plastic containers that fresh fruits come in don't stay closed normally so jar them a tad & you have blueberries & grapes all over your car!!  The policeman brought us back over our information & then explained that on a cad was our police report # & that we could pick it up in 3 days at any Gwinnett location police station; I said OK & thank you & was ready to get B hone for lunch BUT NOT THIS GUY!!

Guy: "I need her info."
Cop: "sir it will be on the police report"
Guy: "where is the report then?"
Cop: "sir, I just told you it will be ready in 3 days for you to pick up"
Guy: "can I pick it up in Lawrenceville?"
Cop: "sir as I said you can pick it up at any Gwinnett police station" (for those of you not in GA; Lawrenceville is in Gwinnett)
Guy: "so I won't get her info today?"
Cop: "sir, it will be on your report"

I just said thank you to the cop & got in my car & waited for this jacka** to stop asking his stupid questions; while I was sitting there watching him talk to the cop he was rubbing his neck & massaging his back the whole time.........I started balling again & just had to call Lance (for the 100th time) & say sorry because this douche bag was doing to make our insurance premium rise as high as he could.  He of course didn't care & just kept saying "calm down, you guys are fine so everything is good".

B & I got home I made his lunch while he watched the Movers & then he ate & was down for his nap like nothing happened; I on the other hand was a mess & had to call my doctor to let them know what happened & when I did they of course told me I had to come in just for precaution.  I knew that was going to happen but still it made the worried feeling I already had worse!!  I called my mother in law & she came over to get B after his nap & I was off to the doctor & this is what happened when I got there........

And unfortunately things didn't look as good as they wanted them too & I was actually having contractions so I was hooked up to this thing for quite a long while.  They did an ultrasound & internal just to check on things too & everything was perfect there so they said that I could go home & not to the hospital.  Their conclusion was that too much stress & a tad bit of dehydration was what was causing these contractions & they were going to let me go home but I have to take it easy & drink lots & lots & lots of water!!  

Colton because of my stress or to B because I hit this guy.  I would never forgive myself if I caused harm to either one of my children in any way, shape or form!!

I am just thanking God that the accident wasn't worse & that we do have insurance & that they are going to fight this guys claims of whiplash if he makes them.  I thank God for slowing my contractions down & allowing me to to go home & relax & that my mother in law was able to make sure that B enjoyed his afternoon & was not effected by the mornings happenings (times like these make me really miss & hate the fact that my mom is so far away).  I just thank God for looking out for us yesterday & everyday..........Lance & my children mean the world to me & I have no idea what I would do if they ever came into harms way!!