Thursday, July 1, 2010

1st 90-Day Budget Challenge!!

I’m Budget Boot Camp Challenger!

Our first challenge starts today & it is to create & STICK TO a meal plan; easy right????
Not as easy as you might think!!!

Week 1 Meal Plan


Mitzi: Yogurt/Salad/Sandwich
Lance: Slim Fast Shake/Leftover Stroganoff/Sandwich
Brayden: Oatmeal/Leftover Stroganoff/Graduates Meal


Mitzi: Yogurt/Salad/Spaghetti
Lance: Slim Fast Shake/Chicken & Rice w/Corn/Soup & Sandwich
Brayden: Waffle/Chicken & Rice w/Corn/Graduates Meal


Mitzi: Cereal/Salad/Pizza
Lance: Cereal/Work Lunch/Pizza
Brayden: Oatmeal/Leftover Spaghetti/Graduates Meal

Sunday (Lance & I are going to the Lake for the 4th)

Mitzi: Bacon, Eggs, Biscuits & Gravy/Hamburgers & Hot dogs/Sandwich
Lance: Bacon, Eggs, Biscuits & Gravy/Hamburgers & Hot dogs/Sandwich
Brayden: Oatmeal/Mac & Cheese & Fruit/Graduates Meal


Mitzi: Yogurt Salad Chicken Salad & Tomatoes
Lance: Slim Fast Shake/Leftover Spaghetti/Chicken Breast Salad
Brayden: Oatmeal/Leftover Spaghetti/Graduates Meal


Mitzi: Yogurt/Salad/Taco Salad
Lance: Slim Fast Shake/Tuna Salad Sandwich/Taco Salad
Brayden: Waffle/Spinach & Cheese Ravioli/Graduates Meal


Mitzi: Yogurt/Salad/Tuna Luna Sandwich
Lance: Slim Fast Shake/Taco Salad/His Choice (his night to eat out)
Brayden: Oatmeal/Chicken Pasta & Veggies/Graduates Meal

Brayden also has 2 snacks each day which are a banana & puffs/cheerios plus a milk bottle at 10am & one right before bed.

Lance, Brayden & I all eat, get up & want different things; I am trying to combine everyones meals when at all possible but it is pretty darn tricky!

I prepare Brayden's lunch's but not a lot of his dinners because of the time crunch & because he is still not eating everything we eat but I think as the weeks pass this will become easier.  Brayden is slowly starting to eat more of what we eat & I am really looking forward to not having to buy the pre-prepared meals for him.

Lance's schedule & the fact that he is a picky eater will always cause our meal plan to be somewhat of a challenge but I am getting new recipes together to get him more of a variety in the hopes that it will help.

My meals may seem boring but if you ever saw one of my salads you might think differently.  I throw what ever I can find on them & that varies each day depending on what I feel like plus I will & can eat whatever & don't really care to much about it!!

I will keep you updated on how it is going & you can also follow me on twitter @ goodsonfamily07.