Friday, July 2, 2010

What A Day......

Today was a very exciting & scary day for me; after 6 years I turned in my resignation & as of July 30th I will be leaving the corporate America to be a SAHM!!  I am pretty upset by my bosses reaction which was basically I am replaceable but that just made me realize that our decision was & is the RIGHT one!  I missed Brayden all day everyday & was actually getting depressed with our choice to put him in daycare.  Some people thing that being a SAHM is easy but I know different; it is a full time job but a full time job with better benefits than I had before.  I am going to be able to be home with him, teaching him like I have wanted to be since he was born, I will not miss anymore than I already have & I am excited about it all!!

I have the most wonderful, loving & supportive husband & he is the one that has made all of this happen for our family.  He started a new job this past Monday to help make up for my loss of pay; he will be working more than he was but at least when he is home we will be home as well & that is what matters most to the both of us.  Lance actually wanted me home with B along time ago but I think I didn't do it then out of fear; I was afraid of not earning my monetary keep, I was afraid that B wouldn't do as well or learn as much as he would if he were in school, I was afraid of so much & I kind of still am but I know that this is the right choice for our family & for me.

I feel so blessed & just can't believe my dream of taking care of B is finally coming true!!!

In other news check out our messy little eater; he has started to turn away when we try to feed him with a spoon or fork & prefers to feed himself so we are letting him do it most of the time.  It can be messy & I think that our dogs are going to gain a few extra pounds but it makes B happy so we are happy too!

Isn't he the cutest??