Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Challenge #2 - Sweet Success!!

I’m Budget Boot Camp Challenger!

Challenge # 2 is all wrapped up;  the challenge was to make a grocery list & STICK to it & & I don't mean to toot my own horn but I kicked this ones behind!!  I made my list & checked it twice last Tuesday then decided to go to the grocery store Saturday on my way home from the airport!!  I was confident that I had everything on there when I left on Friday but started to feel like I was missing some stuff Saturday so I went over it all in my head & made some adjustments.

This is what my list actually ended up looking like:
Salmon Fillet
Beef Tips
lunch meat (chicken & turkey)
Pot Roast
Chicken Breasts
Turkey Breast
Chicken Fingers
BBQ Pork

Saffron Rice
White Rice

Shredded Cheese
Cheese Slices
Sour Cream
Cottage Cheese

Mandarin Oranges

Dried Cranberries
Almond Slivers

Creamed Corn
Black Beans
Chick Peas

Sausage Gravy

Plug Ins
Face Powder

I made he changes headed to the store & was only $3 over the $80 budget I set for myself so I was pretty proud & think that as the weeks pass I will get the budget down below the $80 budget I set.  Some of the changes I made because I remembered we had whatever it was & some of the things I crossed off because we could do without them or they were more expensive & I wanted to try to find a coupon for them!  I am very proud of myself for NOT buying the candy bar that I really wanted & for also sticking to my list!!

I actually found this trip to the grocery store to be a very quick one since I knew exactly what was needed & there was no question in my mind that making/having a list is a better way to shop & control my spending.  I am sure that there will be times when I spend more than I want to but I am alright with that.

Lance & I have decided to make one major adjustment to our food shopping though; I am going to start going to Costco once a month & getting all our meat/fishes, household product/cleaning supplies, & whatever else I have a coupon for in bulk.  We have had our membership for a while but I just started to pay attention when I received the coupon pack from them in the mail & I think that doing this could help our budget tremendously.  I am going to head there this weekend & then head to the regular store once I get unpacked & re organized in the pantry & fridge..............I'll let you know how it goes!!

Challenge #3 - Think about what your family often purchases that puts a dent in your budget and try the store brand or generic version. Was it just as good? How much did it save you? Would you try more generics? Why or why do you not purchase generics? What things could your family buy in generic to save money?