Monday, July 26, 2010

M.I.A. - The Last Week of My Life.........

I was MIA until I started Brayden's pre-birthday posts for good reason I promise........this has been my hell!!

Sunday, July 18:
Wake up feeling perfectly fine until around 11 I fall down with excruciating pain in my right side!  Lance & I go to the emergent care facility down the street ($25); they say I have a kidney stone & send me home with pain meds.  This is after failing to listen to me & trying to get an IV in my right arm twice & failing (like I told them they would in the beginning) so I had to get 2 shots in that arm as well.  Got home & stayed doped up all day & night.

Monday, July 19:
Lance took B to school since I was still in an enormous amount of pain & still pumped full of Loratab & I stay home to try to pass the stone they said I had.  I stopped taking the pain medicine around 9 am so that I could pick B up from school & take care of him that evening.  I spent the whole day laying in bed waiting for the damn thing to pass & nothing.........still in pain I pick up B & we get home play, laugh, eat, bath, & down to bed.  Just seeing him took all my pain away (not really but you know what I mean); after he went down I was in even more pain from doing everything with him that I took a bath, a pain pill & I was out.

Tuesday, July 20:
Get up as normal (still in the same pain.....still no stone & couldn't take pain meds) get ready for work & then get B ready for school.  Drop B off, get to work, train the new guy taking over my job until around 11 when I can't take the pain anymore & head back to the doctor ($25) to see what the hell is wrong since there is NO STONE!!  Get there & they send me off to get a CT Scan.  Get to CT Scan place & there is a problem with our insurance; Lance left his employer & our COBRA was in the middle of being processed so I had to be personally responsibly for the payment ($450)!  Do the scan & wait 2 hours for the results & NOTHING!!!  Call the doctors office to find out the next step & they tell me to go home, drink plenty of fluids & rest......"you should be fine in a few days".  I cry my whole way home but smile when I see B; his JuJu picked him up from school for me & did his nightly routine as well since I just couldn't do it.  I lay down & try to rest but couldn't because I was still in the most horrible pain ever!!

Wednesday, July 21:
 I decided that I was just going to take myself to the ER ($150) & make them figure out what the hell was going on.............I checked myself in only to find out that I have "several cysts on each of my ovaries" as the ER doctor said & that I would now need to go see the OB.  I asked him if that what caused my severe pain on Sunday & he said that when they burst they can cause the type of pain that I am describing.  I asked him if this could prevent me from getting pregnant again & he said yes (more on that in another post). I was devastated & just wanted to get home & hug B.  JuJu had to pick him up again & I just felt horrible but had to at give him his night night bottle & rock him a bit before bed since I hadn't in what felt like a year but was only a few days!!

Thursday, July 22:
Head into work to train the new guy (training sucks) & call the OB to schedule an appointment before the weekend came & they tell me they can't schedule the appt. until they get everything from the hospital & they will call me when they do.............I don't hear from them at all Thursday.  I do however manage to pick up B from school & do the whole evening routine myself & I missed it so much!!  I put myself to bed & had to take a pain pill because of the pain but couldn't sleep at all.

Friday, July 23:
Get up & get ready for work, get B ready & dropped off at school & head to work.  I had to wait until 8:30 am to call the OB since that is when they open only for them to tell me that they don't need to see me for 6 weeks because "the cysts couldn't be causing that amount of pain that I am having"; I said OK, hung up the phone & called Lance & just lost it.  Why wouldn't anyone try harder to figure out what was wrong with me??  How was I going to live with this pain for the next 6 weeks??  I was at the end of my rope!!  Lance called the OB's office & called me back only to tell me to head back to the ER for more testing!!  I lost it again but left work to go there...........they check me in the ER ($150) & the same doctor is there & he said "I don't know what you want ME to do" so I lost it again on him.  He said he understood my frustration, asked me to calm down & he would do another CT scan but this time do it with contrast for a better look.  They do they test & at first thought that their was a abscess in one of my tubes but then later came back & said that there was "some type of infection or something"..........really an ER doctors words.....& tell me that I have to now go see the OB ASAP

Saturday & Sunday were spent trying to enjoy my family in between the pain so I wouldn't consider it quality time!

From all of this..........I have spent way to much money to know nothing, I have 3 horrible bruises on my arms from IV sticks; am still hurting & in pain, am exhausted, am way behind on B's birthday party planning & organizing, training the new guy, missing my husband & son & overall just want to know what the hell is going on with my body!!!