Wednesday, November 10, 2010

15 Month Stats......

Brayden had his 15 month check up yesterday & had to get FOUR shots; he had to get his boosters as well as his flu shot.  He did so great with the shots & only cried for a minute & then was good to go.  He is growing very well & in the 75th percentile height wise (32 in) & then average on his weight (24 lbs.) & head circumference (18.5 in.). 

I hated that he had to get shots but I think they might have been a God send because he took a wonderful 3 hour nap yesterday afternoon & the slept until 7 this morning!!  I am hoping that he is getting a great nap a school today & that he will be as happy as he was this morning when I dropped him off & be able to stay up until 8pm tonight & then sleep until 7 or later again tomorrow morning.............fingers crossed!!!

Here are some photos of Brayden in his new hat; still won't wear gloves or mittens but the hat stays on because of the strap!!!