Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Things I Love...........

I was using Shutterfly before we had Brayden but now that he is here & I have gotten a photography bug that gets worse with each day that passes I LOVE IT EVEN MORE!!!  I love that I can upload & order photos from them & I also love that I can either have them sent via mail or run up to my local Target & pick them up.  I love that I can then post the pictures I choose to our "Goodson Family Journey Share Site" for our friends & family to view & order any photos they like whenever they choose too.  This is so great because as I have said before my family doesn't live here in Georgia with us & I don't want them to ever feel like they are missing any thing that Brayden is doing!!

It is now November & it is time to start looking for our 2010 Christmas card design & Shutterfly is hosting this AMAZING promotion: Bloggers: 50 Free Holiday Cards from Shutterfly & I couldn't pass it up & neither should you!!

Last year was our 1st Christmas with Brayden & this was the Christmas Card that we sent out via Shutterfly.........

& these are my favorites so far for this year; I think I want to do one photo instead of several but I am not sure just yet........what do you guys think??

I have also just found on their website that they do canvas wall art & we are doing family photos up our stair well so once Baby G #2 arrives this is going to be a must!!  Mostly I use Shutterfly for their photobooks; they are the best quality & I think that they make a perfect gift or coffee table book!!
Honestly, they print on just about anything that you might want or desire; they can do coffee cups, magnets, mouse pads, note pads, calendars, luggage tags, playing cards & so much more!!  All of these things are personalize just the way that you want & again they are perfect gifts..........hint, hint, hint Christmas is right around the corner for anyone getting me a gift this year!!