Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Holcomb Family Visit - Part One

I am sorry to have to do this but I have so many photos that I want to post that go along with my family's visit that I am going to break it up in pieces so that I don't overload each post!

I have blogged about it before but just in case you missed it; my parents have sold their house & will be moving to New Mexico in the very beginning of December.  New Mexico is where my dad was born & raised & he has always dreamed about moving back home so now that both my mom & dad are retired they are making the journey & my sister is going as well.  I am so very sad that they are going to be even further away but so happy that my dad gets to be home again & near his mom & brother & really happy that my grandmother will get Christmas with her son since she hasn't in; I think; around 25 years!!

Because of the move they came down for an early Thanksgiving/Christmas celebration & we had a ball!!  They got here on Saturday the 20th & Brayden was so happy to see them & their pups; he took them out back to show them the hill he loves to run up & down & also the mess that is back there from the patio getting it's roof (it is STILL not finished I might add).  We had a blast playing out there for quite a while; we just relaxed the rest of the evening & Lance stopped on his way home to get yummy cheese dip, chips, salsa, & rice from our favorite Mexican restaurant & we enjoyed chicken & beef tacos/burritos for was delicious & we all went to bed just to get up the next morning for an early Christmas & early Thanksgiving dinner!!!

Their Miniature Pincher's are much smaller than our dogs & Brayden really enjoyed loving on them even though they really didn't like it! 

He will run up & down this hill all day every day if you let him!! 

Showing off his sliding skills; he likes to stand up & try to slide....quite the dare devil!! 

Puddy brought Brayden a very special ball cap from New Mexico & even showed him how NOT to wear it. 

This is also the night the Brayden decided to poop in the tub not once but TWICE.  I cleaned out the tub & got fresh water in it for him to only do it again; it was quite gross but what can you do right??  I guess when you gotta go; you gotta go!!