Monday, November 8, 2010

Damn Time Change........

We were already working to keep Brayden up past 7-7:30 & it hasn't been very easy.  We have been slowly trying to get to 8 but haven't made it there yet; we were thinking that we could get there this week for sure but then Lance reminded me of the time change Saturday evening & I just said s**t & prepared for the worst day on Sunday (luckily we spent the day with family so we were busy all day & B got to play with his cousins all day so he was pretty distracted)!

Yesterday was a way off day; he was up at 5am & then of for the whole rest of the day.  He did manage to stay up until 6:45pm which would have really been 7:45pm the day before but I guess it doesn't work that way because he was up again this morning at 5:15am!  I was & still am confident that I can get him through the day happy, on schedule & to stay up until 8 tonight.

We went to the mall this morning to walk, window shop & then for B to play & keep busy until lunch time & this is what happened on the way home (we only live 5 minutes from the mall).

He was out the second I put him in his car seat; he woke up grumpy but managed to get lunch down & play for a bit before it was time to really nap.  so as it stands he went down for his nap at 11:45 (which is only 15 minutes earlier than usual) & I am crossing my fingers that he sleeps later than the normal of 2.

Wish me luck for tonight!!  I really want him to get a good nights sleep since tomorrow he has to go get tortured..........I mean to the doctor!!