Friday, November 5, 2010

15 Months

Time is flying by & things are changing so quickly it seems; we have moved Brayden's glider out of his room to make more room for toys so I will no longer be trying to get his monthly photos in it anymore either!!  It makes me sad that, that time is over with Brayden but soon enough BG #2 will be sitting it it getting his taken; besides Brayden hasn't sat still long enough in the thing for quite some time so we will just have to get creative from here on out!!

Our baby boy is 15 months old & is such an absorbent sponge these days; he is picking up on so many new things that I am really having to remind Lance (& myself) to watch the things that we say at all times!  He is trying so hard to talk & speak in actual words & his sign language is getting better & better too.  I am so happy that he is learning the basics because it does help when I have no idea what he is trying to tell me. 

His new favorite is please; please & thank you are 2 very important words that I want him to always use so I am very happy that he knows at least one of them so far.  HOWEVER, please can backfire right in my face when he wants me to push him on his fire truck over & over & over & over & he is asking politely so how can I say NO, right??  He is shaking his head up & down for yes & saying a version of it at the same time.  He always wants to do things "agn" (again) & I think his favorite word of all is "mil" for milk & will bang on the fridge door until I get it for him.

He is in all 18 month clothes & I will have his height & weight stats after his doctor appointment next Tuesday.  I am not looking forward to this appointment at all because not only is he getting shots but he is getting the flu shot & when I got it it burned so I am just hoping & praying that it will not be too bad for him.........maybe I am just a wuss!!  He is still in size 4 diapers.

He is so active & loves to play outside on his slide & hates to wear gloves so we are going to have to figure something out now that it is colder outside.  He is eating everything these days but seems to be taking a break from vegetables at most meals.  He is teething right now & looks like he will have at least 2 maybe 3 more bottom teeth for a grand total of 13 & he loves to brush all of them 2-3 times a day!!

One of his favorite toys is a little broom & he is such a good little helper!!  He loves to drag the blow dryer around in the mornings & also loves to weigh himself (I think because he sees Lance & I do it in the mornings too).  He loves to dance & has just recently learned to turn around & does it when the Imagination Movers say to do it in their song!  When I ask where my teeth, eyes, & nose are he points to them; I am telling you he is very smart!!

He is trying to get out of his crib; he is not making any progress yet but has figured out that he is can swing his leg over he will be able to get out somehow!  He is not tall enough for his legs to swing up that far but he might be in his toddler bed WAY before we planned on it!  I am going to get him a potty & start letting him sit on it through out the day just to see how he takes to it.  I know that it is early but he loves to be in the bathroom with me when I am going so why not see what happens!!

We love you more than we could ever put into words Buggy!!!!!!!