Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fall Is Finally Here........

Or so I thought it was until yesterday; it was 72 degrees yesterday afternoon...........that's right 72 in November; that's just crap!!  It was freezing cold yesterday morning & then as the day went on it just got hot; I have to admit it was very nice to be able to take B outside to play & not have to bundle him up but it is November for goodness sake & it is supposed to be cold.  Brayden doesn't seem to be having any issues with the weather being so up & down but I have managed to catch what seems to be the beginning of a cold & just pray that it doesn't turn into a bad cold or get any worse that the sore throat & running nose that I already have.

Here is our little guy enjoying the cold; I swear it is like he isn't even effected by the fact that his eyes are watering, nose is running & his little hands are cold........he takes his mittens off about 2 seconds after I put them on.  I try & he takes them off again & again & again; I guess he thinks he knows better that I do what he needs to keep warm :)  I have found that he is better in layers that in a big bulky coat though; of course when it gets really cold he will HAVE to wear a coat at all times but until then he has on his pj's under these 2 outfits to keep warm!!