Monday, November 29, 2010

The Holcomb Family Visit - Part Two

We woke up Sunday (11/21) morning & because we wouldn't see Puddy, Grams & Aunt Mammie until May 2011 we decided to do Brayden's Christmas from them.  It really didn't go as I thought it would; I though that B would at least be interested in the wrapping paper but he wasn't............all he wanted to do is stand on each & every box that Lance pulled out from under our downstairs tree.  It was alot fun & he loved everything that he got; looking back I wish we would have had Mom & Dad open the presents with him & I am really sad that we didn't get more photos of them all together!

My dad & I are always the first ones up in the house; I really enjoy our morning coffee time!  Brayden didn't know what was in store him that day.........

Saying good morning to all 4 dogs! 

Waiting patiently for everyone else to get up.............mommy wasn't as patient!!

Brayden wanted to try my Dad's Mountain Dew..........unfortunately he loved it but I promise we didn't give him anymore that day!!

So we decided to go out back & play for a while......... 

Daddy finally got up (it was still early; like 7:30........I had just woken up at 3 that morning so I was impatient) 

Brayden helped Puddy move his truck so that the boy could all go get food biscuits; does it get any better??  We were already going to eat a Thanksgiving feast so why not throw in a fattening breakfast too?? 

After breakfast it was present time & this is all Brayden wanted to do............. 

We were all done opening so B gave Gram, Puddy & Aunt Mammie a round of applause as a thank you & then everything had to be put together.

I think that this might be Brayden's favorite toy............his first set of golf clubs!!

After presents & while the turkey cooked Lance & my dad went to the garage to play darts; why they didn't move my truck is beyond me!

We cooked the turkey in my Christmas was the best & juiciest turkey I think I have ever had.

The Feast

After eating & cleaning up Lance & Aunt Mammie took a nap so Brayden, Grams, Puddy &  I went out front to work off some of the many calories that we just ate...........

We just chilled & played for the rest of the afternoon & evening; we of course watched football & Brayden tried to see how far he could push his daddy............

Lance saying "no" to Brayden & Brayden clapping to get Lance to smile..........

It was a wonderfully long day but we had so much fun & ate way to much.............I miss my family so much already & wish they were still here!!  We love you guys!!!!