Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween - Part 2

After getting home from Corn Dawgs & eating dinner we had time to kill so we just played out front & waited for it to get late enough to put B's costume on. I swear I was so so excited & it was so hard to wait; I was the kid in the candy store this year!! We planned on taking B trick or treating in his little tricycle so we went ahead & pulled it out & let him get used to it; he has never really been a fan of it so we were hoping for the best!!

Like I said I was excited so I kept doing things because I couldn't wait; I changed him into his black shirt & gave him his bucket & light to play with & not shockingly he liked to carry them both. 

Then I couldn't wait anymore; I had to put his costume on him. We were planning on taking him early anyway so I just did it. I really expecting him to not want to wear it (especially the hat) but he loved it & just acted like it was a normal outfit.........except for the mittens! We could only get him to wear them for a second so eventually Lance just put them on the handle bars of his bike & there they stayed. 

He did great walking up to the few houses we went too & loved looking in his bucket to see what he was given!!

 I would have to say that Halloween was a great success this year & I am already thinking about next year & getting to dress up 2 little ones!!  Here are some more photos & the last one is my favorite of the day; he was looking at me with such a smirk on his little precious face & I think it is perfection!!!