Friday, November 19, 2010

Santa Claus is Coming to Town...........

That's right he already made his stop at Brayden's daycare today & I am just crossing my fingers that he was in a good mood (he was up at 5am) & not afraid of him.  Last year he was so young he didn't know & wasn't effected by the jolly white bearded guy but we'll just have to wait & see how things went when the photos arrive...........thankfully we can get our money back if the photos stink.  I actually think I will keep whatever comes just because & then if it is really bad then I will try again at the mall!!

This is what he wore this morning; I couldn't get him to get off the toy to get a good photo but my baby boy looks like such a big boy in this outfit.  I was in tears about the whole darn situation!!