Saturday, November 6, 2010

I Do Love My Husband!

I was getting my hair done last week & telling one of the other hair stylists there (his son & Brayden were born a week apart) that we were expecting again & he said "Well at least that means you & Lance still like each other" & my heart broke for him.  Was he saying that he & his wife weren't getting along & having problems??  Was it because of the new baby in their relationship??  It made me so sad & I just wanted to jump up from under the hair dryer & give him a hug!

I am not going to sit here & say that Lance & I are the perfect couple; as a matter of fact all we did was fight & bicker yesterday & I went to bed crying because it made me so sad for us.  BUT, this morning when I woke up (at 3:30 am) & I remembered just how much we love each other & how much our family means to us & even though we may have bad days or even a bad couple of days it is all alright because we know that neither one of us is going anywhere & that our love is stronger than it ever has been.  I know that right now I can be a little difficult & maybe a tad moody but that no matter what Lance loves me, he may hate my moods but he loves me no matter what & that is all that matters at the end of the day!!

Having children isn't easy & the adjustment period when they arrive (& throughout their lives) is sometimes mind boggling & nerve racking but it is the most rewarding & heart warming thing that has ever happened to Lance & I.  After Brayden goes to bed & Lance & I get to just sit & relax I will tell him about all the things that Brayden did that day & we will both just sit, cuddle & smile about each & everything no matter how small it might have been.

Marriage is hard work as it is so when you throw a child in the mix, plus 2 dogs, plus a pregnant wife, plus a crappy economy, plus bills needing to be paid, plus, plus, plus it gets even more difficult HOWEVER it is a great journey that is supposed to be enjoyed & I hope that any couples that have lost sight of that remember it very soon!!

I love my husband no matter what!!  He leaves every light in the house on all the time which drives me crazy actually he drives me crazy a good bit of the time, he can be moody, grumpy, he works very long hours & I sometimes feel like a single SAHM.  But those things are all overlooked & are outweighed because he is so loving, caring & giving, he is my rock, my best friend, my lover, an amazingly wonderful father, the sole provider for our family & he is the best man that I have ever met & am so blessed that God brought us together!!