Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Such A Clutz.........

I unexpectedly got to see Baby G #2 yesterday; I think I was having a bad dream Monday night & I guess I was trying to get out of bed & got caught up in the covers or my big ol' pillow because I fell right out of bed & straight down on my left butt cheek.  I freaked out but felt alright; no pain, cramping, or bleeding ever appeared through out the rest of the night but I called the doctor when they opened & they actually said that I should have gone to the ER!! I felt horrible & really started to freak out & worry. 

Thankfully I got in to get an ultrasound & everything looks perfect!!!  The baby was moving & rolling around in there like crazy & his heartbeat was STRONG!!

I am going to have to be more careful getting out of bed from here on out but honestly I really don't know how I even fell.  Honestly I think I was still dead asleep when I was trying to get up!