Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I Love You Anyway....

I was catching up on blogs & came across this one at Womens Marriage Ministry; it is a really powerful post & it really made me think about Lance & I & how we have been with each other lately. I thank God that we love each other anyway & not "just because".

We have a lot going on these days between renting the old house, purchasing the new house, little man's horrible cold (which is MUCH better today) & none of us sleeping, work, packing, moving.....things have been quite stressful & tense in the Goodson household to say the least BUT even with all of the arguing & bickering that Lance & I have have been doing at the end of the day we know that we love each other anyway & nothing can change that.

I have the most wonderfully loving, caring & amazing husband & I could never have asked for a better father for Brayden, Georgia, & Bella BUT when he doesn't empty the diaper genie after changing Brayden's diaper knowing it is full & I will have to do it next time, OR when I have just cleaning the kitchen & he walks into it & puts a dirty dish in the sink & not the dishwasher, OR even when he asks me to make him something healthy for lunch the next day & I do so & then he calls me the next day & tells me that he ate out instead of eating what I have made him.........in spite all of that I love him anyway.

You are my soul mate, my one & only, the love of my life & I love you in spite of all of the little things you do that aggravate me........I love you baby wouldn't trade you in for a million dollars :)