Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekend Recap & Just Because

Our weekend started off with Brayden going to the doctor on Friday & them telling me that he just has a really bad cold & to just continue what I had been doing (Vick's on the chest, the Vick's waterless vaporizer pads at night, saline drops & booger get the idea) BUT Brayden had no fever, no ear infection, nothing was wrong with his throat & his cough was OK as well........I should have been happy with the doctor saying that but my poor baby had a rough weekend & is still not well today! I actually think his cough is worse but he still has no fever so there isn't much I can do for him & I HATE this feeling.

I spend Friday afternoon with him at home & we had such a good time together but I could tell that as it got later he felt worse so we did our normal eat, bath, bottle & sleep & he was out at 6:30; he slept alright until around 1am & then he was up & down for the rest of the night. All I would have to do to get him back to sleep was give him is paci & turn on his aquarium but he would cry & whine in his was pitiful!!

Saturday Lance went to work & his mom came over to see little man in the morning & it was nice to have 2 sets of hands since he still wasn't feeling well; Saturday night was a repeat of Friday night so poor baby didn't sleep well at all again but he took a great morning nap Sunday & then napped on & off through out the day while we were out & about shopping.

Sunday we went shopping/looking for a bedroom suite for the new house..........that's right WE GOT THE HOUSE & will be closing on it on or before March 31st. I am so excited I could scream but I won't since I am at work :) Anyway, we were out looking for a new bedroom suite for the spare bedroom down stairs; we found it at American Signature Furniture & it is going to look perfect!! We also found a new living room suite; I actually have looked the set for about a year now & I think that we have finally decided to get it. The new house is of course bigger than ours now & we will have 2 separate sitting/family rooms..........the new set will look great in the downstairs family room & I will finally get the purple accented room that I have always dreamed of!!

We got home from lunch & shopping & little man at dinner (he had chicken for the 1st time & loved it!!) & then it was off to take a hot steam shower with his dad! We thought that the steam plus the saline drops would help clear out his little nose & it did but only until around 11:30 that night & then he was up a down for the rest of the night! I am very tired today; exhausted actually & can't wait for this day to end but only because I get to go pick up our little man (who is hopefully in a good mood & feeling better) take him home for a walk & then our normal nightly routine & once he is down for HOPEFULLY the night the packing begins!!! I love to pack; I know it sounds crazy but packing is fun......moving sucks....BUT packing it fun & a way to get organized right before you move :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend & just because here is our little man!!